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Video „Michael – an example for learning with the Feldenkrais®-Method“

Exploring sensation in a case of incomplete paraplegia Gaining insights into the way the nervous system processes information | Documentation since 1991 over 11 years

A Film by Helga Bost (Copyright © 2002)
Including an interview with Carl Ginsburg
Realisation: Rotraud Kühn | Translation: Irene Lober
Run time approx. 60 minutes

The film shows how the nervous system translates the Feldenkrais touch into visible movement – even after an almost complete loss of sensation, as with Michael. Basic evolutionary movements (Central Patterns) are initiated and then visibly performed without the person initially being aware of their responses. I assume that a healthy person is also touched at this level, as it seems to be part of our phylogenetic heritage. The personal learning process can begin here for all of us. It begins with sensing oneself, continues with learning to become aware of one’s movement, which leads on to learning to control the intended movement, as in Michael’s learning process. A new body image develops.

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German | English

Run time approx. 60 minutes

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